Regional Landfill

aerial photo of landfillThree Rivers Solid Waste Authority Regional Landfill opened on July 1, 1998 for the disposal of municipal solid waste, commercial waste and industrial waste from our nine member counties and DOE-SR. The 1400 acre landfill complex is located off of Highway 125 on the Department of Energy's Savannah River Site. The landfill has a 300 acre footprint with remaining airspace in excess of 38 million cubic yards of waste over a projected lifespan in excess of 120 years.

The landfill receives about 1000 tons of waste per day or about 250,000 tons per year. Around 210,000 tons come directly from our member counties.

bulldozer photo

The landfill is regulated under the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Subtitle D and applicable South Carolina regulations and is sited and constructed in accordance with these regulations. Click here to view our permit. The landfill provides for six layers of environmental protection: 1) environmental regulations that require waste screening by generators, 2) waste screening at the transfer stations 3) waste screening at the landfill, 4) protection of groundwater by leachate (wastewater) collection and liner systems, 5) protection of air quality by landfill gas collection and control systems, and 6) protection of groundwater through a site selection process that requires location above an aquifer with an upward hydraulic gradient.

Liner and Final Cap Construction

Liner Cap Final Construction diagram

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Waste Generation & Disposal

Waste Generation pie chart



Download Three Rivers Regional Landfill Operations and Delivery Procedures

Download Three Rivers Regional Sources, Quantities and Characteristics


entrance to landfillIMPORTANT NUMBERS
Scale House (803) 827-2808
Administration (803) 652-2225

Aiken (803) 642-1533
Allendale (803) 584-3438
Bamberg (803) 245-3023
Barnwell (803) 541-1109
Calhoun & Orangeburg (803) 536-5045
Edgefield, McCormick, Saluda (Tri-County ) (803) 275-5345

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