Landfill Gas to Energy Facility

Landfill Gas to Energy photo

Three Rivers Solid Waste Authority installed a landfill gas collection system in March 2007 and completed a 15.8 mile pipeline to a local industry for use in boilers in April 2008. This pipeline is the second longest ever constructed in the United States.

As solid waste decays, bacteria in the environment breaks down the waste and produces landfill gas. This gas is composed of about 50% Methane, 30% Carbon Dioxide, and 20% other compounds including nitrogen and a trace amount of oxygen.

The Authority installed Phase 1 of the Landfill Gas Collection and Control System in March 2007. This system includes 23 horizontal wells and 1 vertical well. These wells are attached to a header system and blower that actively extracts landfill gas from the wells. Gas is flared when not being used by the industrial customer. The collection system will be expanded annually or as needed to minimize environmental impacts.

In April 2008, the Authority began compressing and drying the Landfill Gas and piping it 15.8 miles to a local industry for use in their industrial boiler. The collection and compression system is computer controlled and monitored continuously to ensure maximum gas utilization and environmental compliance.

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